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Electronic Music At The Red Rocks, Denver's Electronic Music Scene

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Dubstep & Red Rocks

This past Saturday was the Global Dub Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado with a lineup perfect for us headbangers. From 7-8 was Eptic, 8-9 was Boogie T & Squnto, 9-1030 Ganja White, and to close out was Zomboy from 1030-midnight. I live two and a half hours away from Red Rocks so I wasn’t able to make it there until 6:30 (Sorry openers!)

The only artist on the card I had seen previously was Zomboy, who I’ve seen quite a few times and he has never disappointed. So you can imagine I was excited to add 3 new acts to my music bucket list. The best part of the night was the beginning, with Eptic. I wanted to see him the most (I fucking love his style of dubstep) so right when I got comfortable and met up with my friends the orgasm began. Eptic was my favorite of the night. He played all of my favorites, His hostile and get with the program remixes, the end and Jurassic which all had me lose my shit along with a brand new ID that the crowd went nuts too. I’m going to EDC this weekend too, so I’m hoping to catch it again! The thing I love about his music, and now especially live, is the funk that’s in it. When you hear his music, you can tell almost right away it’s his. Almost like how you can tell a singers voice, Eptic makes that funk dubstep that hits me some type of way

Next was Boogie T & Squnto, who I had never heard of before except for Boogie’s Raven Master which is such a good jam. So I had no expectations which is how I think you need to go into shows, the more expectations you have the more you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, were here for the music and that’s all that should matter. Just listen, dance, meet some new people and enjoy the fuck out of yourself. A lot of the music they played I had never heard and I was on cloud 9. The bangers they kept playing had the Rocks going wild. I loved every minute of the set. Not one person disappointed whatsoever. 5 days later and I’m still thinking about some of them drops… overall Boogie & Squnto played a great mix of music and they setup nicely for Ganja.

One of my things about Red Rocks is the transition from daylight to total darkness. When the darkness hits, that’s how you know shit is about to get real. Total darkness hit just a little before Ganja. Ganja was so good, I had to go back down to the merch booth and bought one of the very last hoodies they had. It was Medium or 2XL. I bought the 2XL with no hesitations. The opening song was one of the best bangers I heard all night. (If you can help me out with the name, help a brotha out!) The music had me smiling all night, it had plenty of slow, intimate points that you could just dance too but also plenty of them drops that drive us dubstep kids wild and that’s one of my favorite things about DJ’s, when they know how to switch things up and keep you guessing. When he played Samurai & Bad Behavior… moments ill never forget. Too dope, I will for sure be seeing Ganja again in the near future.

Last but not least, Zomboy always plays a great show. That banger-to-banger style for Zomboy that he does perfectly kept the crowd going endlessly. The energy he brings to the sticks is incredible. You can feel the music in him and how he holds himself live. Its pretty remarkable, makes you a little jealous to be in his shoes. It was the perfect set to close the night, Never have I seen someone who does it as well as he does. He played all my.. OUR favorites, terror Squad, survivors, like a bitch, biterz, and invaders.. you name it, he played it! It was such a good set to end the night with and needless to say afterwards I was exhausted. He’s the type of dude who you can feel the music through him when he performs.

For those who haven’t been to red rocks.. You really need to go. Since the season just started 95% of all the shows have been announced, so check it out! I haven’t been to every venue in the world, but there has to be something said about the ones outside, where you get to listen and dance to music with the beauty of nature. I don’t think there is anyone out there that thinks an indoor venue is better than an outdoor one. Maybe I’m wrong but to me, its no question. Outdoors adds a whole other element to the music, I mean, how different would Coachella and EDC be if they were completely indoors? Just look at videos of Red Rocks on YouTube, how sick does it look?! When you walk into Red Rocks from the top you see the 2 different rock formations above you that take your breath away. You can see downtown Denver in the background and overlook the rest of the city to the south. You literally are immersed in nature at its purest. You got music, people, and the outdoors? Nothing better.

My first ever show at the Rocks was Skrillex in 2012. To this day it still holds up as the best show I’ve ever been too. (Skrillex is my all-time favorite so of course.) That whole experience of seeing not only your all time favorite artist, but at the best venue in the world too!?.. well you can imagine how that felt. It was something I’ll never forget and I guarantee you guys you will never ever forget your first time walking into the Rocks. Hopefully, I see you there someday :)


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