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Is Dubstep In 2018 Now Dead?

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Dubstep Dead? Never.

I read this article a couple years back about the topic of whether dubstep had died (circa 2014) that got me motivated to write about it.

When Skrillex and dubstep in the states blew up, it was the newest, next cool, dope thing, so of course EVERYONE and their mom has to join in and not even saying that its just dubstep, but dance music in general blew the fuck up. House, Trance you name it, all of it. Those of us who fell in love with the music are here to stay. No matter what, no matter who or what comes along, those of us who are the die-hard ravers and who love every second of the scene and the music will never let it die. As long as music production is possible with a computer and a pair of speakers dubstep will never die.

Its just gotten to the point now, that not every single person in the world is on the same page with edm as say, they were back in 2012. It’s been 6 years since then.. That’s a long fucking time and of course, people are onto the next best thing, but lets hold up a minute. What’s, “The next big thing?” In my opinion, with music, until some revolution occurs where we can hear in 3-D or aliens bring us some new shit or something game-changing we’ve reached a point with technology that’s hit its sweet spot. We can make literally anything now… so where CAN music go from here? And that’s my point. The next big this is here, its been here for 6 years and its not going anywhere. Dubstep is just going to keep progressing because literally anything we can fathom is possible. Its like 2010 was the big bang, and the world of our music just keeps expanding.

I think that if dubstep were dead, a lot of artists would be dropping off. And don’t get me wrong, technically some are. Skrillex, Porter, Adventure Club, and even Zeds Dead (to an extent) have stopped or altered their dubstep production. On the flip side though, so many artists are still breaking through and selling out shows. These days your dream dubstep lineup card has probably changed, and that’s ok. Life changes, but we’re still getting all that grimey filth that we just love to rage too. Tomorrow I’m going to global dub at Red Rocks, Zomboy, GWN, Boogie T & Squnto and the dude I want to see the most, Eptic are all playing. These dudes weren’t around in 2012 except for Zomboy, (who is still destroying the game) but artists grow and they change, hard fact of life but we still have these guys making them bangers that we dance too. Doesn’t matter who falls off the map or stops their step, others are always coming up and stepping right back.

What’s dope now, is that dubstep isn’t the coolest fucking thing anymore, so not everyone who is just into the scene because it’s the cool thing, or doesn’t truly love the music, is dying out which is dope as fuck because I want people in the crowd who genuinely love this music and would die without it. Not some bro douchebag who just wants to “get bitches” ya know? Not to mention there are the hottest girls ever at dubstep shows ;) Dubstep (and even EDM as a whole) will only get bigger and it’s nice to see the pool of everyone involved in it become less over-saturated with the types stated above and I get to share them special nights with people who love the music just as much as I do. I fucking love it…..

Dubstep <3

-Bret Holmes


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