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Skrillex, Your Dubstep Will Never Die

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I miss my Sonny.

I started listening to EDM when I was 18, back in 2010. I remember the first dubstep song I ever heard was Swagga by Datsik. I had no idea what the fuck I was listening too and it rocked my world. Fast forward to October of 2010 when Scary Monsters came out. My life would never be the same. I’ll never forget the day in the dorms at UNR (University of Nevada, Reno) in the fall of 2010 when my good buddy Grant came and got me to come to his dorm so he could show me this song that “I just had to hear”; It was cinema the Skrillex remix. When the drop hit, holy fuck. Made me instantly go check out who Skrillex was. I fell in love with his music from that day forward and have been one of his biggest fans ever since. I love Sonny and all his music. ALL of it. Whenever I hear a Skrillex song at any show I lose my shit. Always.

With that being said, I’m having a huge issue right now with not getting any classic Skrillex. It fucking hurts…. I absolutely love and respect what he’s done. The dude can literally make anything, Jack-U, Dog Blood, Purple lambo, Justin Bieber, So am I, Would You ever, humble, favor, the list goes on and on.. You name it Sonny can do it. That being said…

Sonny, I fell in love with you for your take on dubstep. I don’t know you, but everything I’ve read and watched I can tell you are a genuine, nice, cool dude that I would probably cry if I met… You are everything an idol should be, you made me believe in myself and the fact that I can be great at whatever I want to do in this world. Ill never forget something I read about you where you said that its so good for all these kids to be producing nowadays, trying to make music for the world no matter what kind of experience they may or not have. Who cares, at least their putting effort and trying. It was one of those, “fuck yea, Sonny” moments. You’ve changed my life in more ways than you’ll ever know but dude…. You cant just leave dubstep forever.

When you brought us your music back in 2010 you touched the hearts of a lot of people, people who will bump Scary Monsters today, and just as hard 50 years from now… I totally respect what you’ve done musically but you can’t just leave your true die-hard fans in the dust with all your new projects. You made genuine fans by your style of dubstep, and you cant just leave that forever. You can branch out all you want, and with all the possibilities with music you can continue to explore your creativity easily, while still making your classic spin on dubstep and it just hurts that the last thing I got was Red Lips DUBSTEP-wise. Purple Lamborghini is sick as fuck and I love what you did with it, combining hip-hop and dubstep perfectly, the sonny way.

But c’mon dude… A single here and there, maybe a three track EP…. Something every now and then to keep us dubstep kids satisfied. All I’m saying is think about your fans, the ones like me who have a Skrillex tattoo and have had dreams of the day they will meet you because of how much your music has touched their hearts..

I fucking love you dude <3


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