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Tried and Tested: Best Diffraction Glasses for Raving

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What are the Best Diffraction Glasses for Raving?

Seems like quite a tricky question but, picking a pair of the best diffraction glasses will depend on your own personal preference for colour and effects that each pair gives off. Below is a list of some of the different types to help you decide on which you find to be the best diffraction glasses.

GloFX Ultimate Diffraction Glasses

You won't be disappointed with these classic diffraction glasses. The rainbow effect is the most popular type of diffraction glasses and they are guaranteed to rock your world. When wearing these, you see rainbow-colored rays emitting from light sources in your visual field. We like to describe the rainbow effect from these glasses like space travel. It's almost as if you can see light trails of the stars and galaxies you pass while traveling at the speed of light in a spaceship. 


GloFX Diffraction Goggles 

If you're a serious raver, you won't want to pass up these best rave toys ever! Diffraction goggles, only recently having been introduced to the rave scene, are taking over the community by storm! These goggles not only provide an awesome ray of rainbow-colored diffraction, but they are really stylish. The goggles give a futuristic and robotic look which is a style much appreciated in the EDM community.  These goggles are also really sturdy, so they are a lot less likely to get lost or broke because the strap on the goggles stays on your head stronger than paper or plastic diffraction glasses would. These goggles really enhance your rave experience, not only because they refract light well but because everyone around you will want to try these on because they look so cool! 


GloFX Heart Diffraction Glasses 

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. When you look through these glasses, it feels like love is flowing from all around you. Aim these pair of shades at a light source and the first thing you'll notice is the abundance of hearts being emitted from the lenses.


GloFX Paper Cardboard Diffraction Glasses


Paper diffraction glasses have their advantages. When your at a rave or concert you run the risk of losing your diffraction glasses or having them break by someone accidentally stepping on them. Paper diffraction glasses are useful because they are cheap which allows you to buy many of them in bulk for your rave squad without having to worry about it breaking the bank. Don’t expect paper diffraction glasses to last long though. These paper diffraction glasses by GloFX come in a really cool frame. They look super futuristic looking which is a cool style to wear in the EDM scene.


GloFX Aviator Diffraction Glasses

Introducing this to your rave outfit is bound to make you stand out from the crowd as aviator diffraction glasses are the next coming trend when it comes to festival eyewear. These glasses are also tinted, so rave away in the sun cool humans. 

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