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Buy Your Deadmau5 Head From These Creators - Look No Further

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When it comes to quality at a price you can't beat and speedy quick production times, this shop owner's custom made Deadmau5 helmets are what come to mind. This shop owner creates 8 different deadmau5 head styles that are ready to ship. This artists' deadmau5 helmets have both remote controled LED light up eyes AND mouthes for the extra electronic effect. This shop owner has the most Deadmau5 helmets sold to date and boasts over a hundred reviews with fans raving about how great the quality of the helmets are. Below are our favorite Deadmau5 helmets from their store. 


Slay Dog Props (high-end)

Slay Dog Props is a unique Deadmau5 helmet producer in several ways. He makes both normal Deadmau5 head replicas and cheese grated Deadmau5 helmet replicas. Also, he takes special requests. For example, if you want, you can ask him to send you a kit you can assemble yourself, ask him to send you a ready-make helmet that is blank that you can paint to your liking, or buy one of his ready-made helmets. His helmets are advanced! They contain fans inside of them to help with ventilated, the eyes include bright LED lights that light up, and the metallic mesh mouth guard opens up like a visor for further ventilation and a sun shade. Slay Dog Props has tons of great reviews about the quality of his work for which he's known to put tons of time to. Take a look at how creative some of his customers have been with their self-painted masks. These Deadmau5 helmets would make Joel Proud. 




One of the newest manufacturers to the market, Meentik is replica manufacturer who will do custom paint jobs and shape design for your Deadmau5 mask liking. Meentik is able to crank out a custom design fairly quickly for the amount of detail he puts into his craft. 



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