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Rezz Glasses: Where can you get them from?

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Isabelle Rezazadeh known as Rezz (or DJ Rezz) is a DJ and electronic music producer. One of her most defining features is her groovy spiral LED glasses which she wears when performing live at shows and festivals.

Many people have actually reached out and asked us "Do you guys sell these?". The answer to that question is no unfortunately. However! We have found exactly where you can get them from direct from a trusted manufacturer.

Where can I get Rezz Glasses from?

Having a pair of these LED goggles is one of the best ways to show your fandom for her music. Thankfully you can get a high quality pair of Rezz glasses from Arcane Lights. Arcane Lights must be your go-to store for this purchase. Arcane Lights has sold hundreds upon hundreds of these pairs of LED glasses to Rezz fans all over the world who attend her shows with them, and they can't be any more appreciative of detailed craftsmanship and engineering that has gone into making dope replicas. 

What is awesome about these glasses is that even though they are battery powered, they have almost non-existent wiring, so there's nothing that will get in the way of your sight or make the fit uncomfortable when your dancing. They also have padding for you're face so they are guaranteed to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Customers say these glasses battery power lasts a really long time and that the USB charging port makes it super convenient. The sheer amount of color LED patterns coded into the glasses (over 100 of them) and the amount of color options ensure you won't get bored of the same LED effect the glasses have. These fan made goggles have been spotted at EDC and Ultra amongst the crowd, and Rezz fans can't get enough of them! The LEDs are bright enough to stand out at night and even shine during the day. 

Check out photos of their product and from fans below 🌀_🌀


cool rezz glasses 
cool rezz glasses designrezz glasses with pattern


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