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Cool Martin Garrix Merchandise For Real Fans

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Top Martin Garrix Merch!

Martin Garrix Festival Flag

If you're going to see live the #1 DJ in the world aka Martin Garrix, then a great way to stand out while watching his set and possibly catch his attention if your lucky enough would be to wave one of these custom Martin Garrix fan flags and get up close to him as you possible could!


Martin Garrix Car Decal

Cruising around in you car blasting electronic music is one of the most fun things you can possibly do. Add this decal to your car and only other true EDM fans will know what this sticker means. 

Martin Garrix Rave Mask

If you're attending a show and are looking to wear a rave mask, definitely consider this one with a Martin Garrix logo on it :P 


Martin Garrix Earings

Some people might think wearing these earings are creepy, but if you have these subtle Martin Garrix fan earrings on at a show and people notice it, they will instantly give you mad respect for adding the feature to your rave outfit, as this piece of merch is quite creative. 

Kandi Bracelet



Martin Garrix Pillow 

Get a good nights sleep knowing your resting your head on a comfortable pillow on one of the greatest DJs of all time, Martin Garrix. Maybe during your sleep at night, you'll dream of his music or like you're meeting him in real person! 

martin garrix lumbar pillow
Martin Garrix Chocolate Bar

This custom designed chocolate bar is made for people who are hungry like Animals. This 100% Belgian chocolate treat is a perfect gift to give to another Martin Garrix lover!
Martin Garrix Milk Chocolate Bar

Martin Garrix Tank Top

If you're going to see a Martin Garrix set at a summer festival, it's most likely going to be hot and your going to want to wear a tank tap to stay cool while dancing. This tank is dope. 

Martin Garrix' Animals Lion Tiger Roar All-Over-Print Tank Top

Martin Garrix Phone Case

You're most likely going to want to make sure your phone is protected by a case if your going to an electronic music festival this year. This one is dope. 

Martin Garrix' 1996 +x iPhone 8/7 Case


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