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10 Best Techno Festivals in the United Kingdom in 2018

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If you are looking to attend the best and biggest techno festivals in 2018, you’ll automatically find yourself settling in the UK. When we party, we party big. Different themes, the lights, the music, the crowd; everything is super fun! So, if you are looking for one of the world’s top Techno scenes, the UK is the place to be in 2018.

1. Arcadia London - 10th Anniversary Festival:

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Arcadia London is a party you won’t want to miss. The festival features an iconic gigantic spider structure 50 feet tall which spits fireballs, is built from military-grade metal, and boasts massive robotic structural arms swooping in from the skies. at last year's festival is a weekend party you won’t want to miss. Let this festival take your spirits to new hieghts!

  • When: May 5 and May 6
  • Where: London, UK
  • 2. We Are FSTVL:

    Since 2013, We are FSTVL has always been a promise of spectacular lighting, awesome music, futuristic themed arenas, and of course a wild rave! Be prepared for even more fun this year compared to years past. In 2018, there are going to be techno acts from 112 of the world’s best music endorsers at the Airfield of Dreams. The 122 acres of WW1 airfield grounds in Upminster is going to host a festival experience unrivalled to any party you’ve attended before.

  • When: May 25 to 27
  • Where: Upminster, London, UK
  • 3. Paul Kalkbrenner Parts of Life:

    Are you a fan of the techno icon Paul Kalkbrenner? Are you waiting for his latest album? Well, now you can attend his music release in the purest form at a former TV and film studio named ‘Old Fountain Studios’ in London. The icon’s 8th studio album is being released by him in a brand new event by his live performance.

  • When: May 10
  • Where: Wembley, London, UK
  • 4. El Dorado Festival:

    If you are one of those creative types who loves beautiful festival grounds, creative structures, techno scene eccentricity, and of course the magical energy of techno music, then El Dorado is for you. The British boutique music festival is being held in June and is featuring names like Shy FX, Craig Charles, and Sister Sledge.

  • When: June 29 to July 1
  • Where: Ledbury, London, UK
  • 5. Wonder Fields Festival:

    Wonder Fields Festival is the best option for a family-friendly atmosphere where the crowd of every age is kept entertained. There is something at this festival for both kids and their parents. The fun and energetic soundtracks played in the idle English countryside is what this wonderful intimate music festival is all about.

  • When: June 29 to July 1
  • Where: Great Fulford, London, UK
  • 6. Noisily Festival:

    Set in the woods, Noisily Festival is known for its quirky stages, bars, innovative art installations and experimental music. Get ready for the surreal visuals in the secluded Coney Woods.

  • When: July 5 to 8
  • Where: Leicester, London, UK
  • 7. MADE Festival:

    MADE is Birmingham’s biggest techno festival and is considered to be a premier experience by seasoned techno ravers. You’ll normally find awe-inspiring line-ups from the best clubbing brands at this festival.

  • When: July 28
  • Where: Birmingham, UK
  • 8. Holi Festival of Colours – London:

    The act of throwing colours at each other marks its origins in India and this techno festival celebrates the spirit of this Indian tradition very colourfully. Colour festivals are also a huge part of Germany and Europe. Inspired by these festivals, London will get colourful and musical this year in July.

  • When: July 28
  • Where: London, UK
  • 9. Sunfall Festival:

    The daytime music festival of London has a selection of most popular techno artists and brands. But the fest does not end when the sun goes down. The after-party after the main event is also something you can’t miss. It is London’s hippest!

  • When: To be announced
  • Where: London, UK
  • 10. Parklife Festival:

    One of UK’s most popular techno-music festivals is coming back inside Manchester's Heaton Park. Fun fair, art installations, crazy stages, live art and a quirky chill zone – it’s got it all!

  • When: June 9 and 10
  • Where: Manchester, London, UK
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