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Be An Informed Listener: Stop Confusing Techno Music with EDM Genres!

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EDM is a type of music that has grown to huge popularity throughout the last decade. Yet, lots of people tend to confuse EDM (electronic dance music) with the variety of sub-genre's that fall under it. Sure - that song you like and are calling EDM might fall under the generic term of electronic dance music, but it's not EDM. That song likely uses one of the two unique characteristics below to put it into a specific sub-genre, such as Techno. Those unfamiliar with dance music history and sub-genres tend to mistakenly call every electronica track "EDM."

Mood - It may sound a bit odd, but different sub-genres of electronic dance music can put you into different moods. Tracks in sub-genres which have a high BPM (such as Drum & Bass or Dubstep) often put people into a uplifting or energetic mood. Sub-genres with slower BPMs (such as House or Techno) make people want to dance, relax or feel taken to another “world”. Some songs have a capella choruses you can smile and sing along to, while others may have a variety of different piano rips that put you on cloud nine.

Tempo - Although techno is a specific sub-genre of EDM, you can even go one step further than that and explore different sub-genres of techno, such as Acid Techno or Detroit Techno. Techno songs always fall between 120 and 150 beats per minute (BPM). This is quite a bit slower than the Dubstep sub-genre which is around 140 BPM but faster than hip-hop music that runs around 115 BPM. Knowing the tempo of your favorite electronic dance music song can be found a number of different ways, but the easiest is by simply counting them. That's what most DJs do!

Remember, electronic dance music (EDM) is basically a generic term for a genre made up of specific sub-genres. Dubstep, progressive house, trance, deep house, and techno are all specific sub-genres and your favorite dance song most likely falls into one (or even two) of those. Knowing the exact type of dance music you like can make it easier to find other songs you enjoy as well. By knowing a song you like is actually "techno," you can visit your favorite music app or website to search and discover new "techno mixes.”

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