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List of the Top 20 Most Popular Techno Artists

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Since its inception in the 1980s, techno music has evolved and formed itself into several subgenres of electronic music, but techno as a subgenre itself remains to be one of the most adored subgenres of all time. Techno producing artists are some of the most popular DJs in the world, and their dominance and popularity is ever-growing. Here is a list of top 20 best and the most popular techno music artists under the sun:

1. Daft Punk:

Daft Punk is French duo consisting of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Daft Punk was created in 1993 and it gained prominence in the late 1990s. They specialize in French House music, Electronic music, and Techno music. They’ve been featured under many popular articles, for example, they were on the list of “The Greatest Musical Artists the 90s” and were ranked as “The 7th Best DJ in the World”. They have released 4 studio albums, several live and compilation albums as well as about 18 music videos.

2. The Prodigy:

The English music group came into existence in 1990 by Liam Howlett. Along with its contemporaries, The Prodigy has been called the pioneers of the “Big Beat genre”. From performing in the underground rave scene, The Prodigy gained worldwide popularity and recognition. They achieved several titles like “The Godfathers of Rave”, “The Most Influential DJs of All time” etc. They specialize in the genres of Synthpunk, EDM, Alternative Hip Hop, Big Beat and Rave.

3. Deadmau5:

Joel Thomas Zimmerman is a Canadian music producer who goes by the stage name “Deadmau5”. He started producing music in 2005 and in 2007 he found his label. At present, Deadmua5 is one of the highest paid EDM music producers. He specializes in Electronic music and Electro-house. He has won around 15 awards in his musical career including several Grammy nominations and he’s been included in the “Top 100 DJs” in the “DJ’s magazine” several times.

4. The Chemical Brothers:

The Chemical Brothers is a British musical duo which was founded in 1989 in Manchester. “The Chemical Brothers” includes Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands. The duo specializes in EDM, Electro Music, Techno, House Music, Trip-hop and Big Beat. The Chemical Brothers were credited as frontrunners for bringing Big Beat into the music industry.

They have won several titles like “90s Greats Making the Best Music Today” and were ranked 26th in “The Best DJs in the World”. They have produced several records and have many awards including 4 Grammys.

5. Avicii:

Tim Bergling was a Swedish DJ and music producer who went by his stage name “Avicii”. He began working at an early age of 16 and since then he gained a heavy popularity in the techno industry. He specialized in Electro House, EDM, and Progressive House. Many music publications credit Avicii as one of the top DJs who brought about the significance of electronic and techno music to the Top radio charts.

6. Carl Cox:

Carl Cox is a British DJ and music producer, specializing in Acid House, Tech House, Techno and Minimal Techno. He has been active in the music industry since 1980 and has since produced several records and albums. He was ranked 3rd in the list of “The Most Influential DJs of All time” and 17th in “The Best DJs of the World”. He hosted “Music is Revolution” for 16 consecutive years at Space, Ibiza.

7. Moby:

Richard Melville Hall became active in the music industry in the early 1990s and went by the stage name “Moby”. He specializes in genres like Punk rock, Techno, and Ambient. His most successful record sold 10 million copies of his album “Play”. He has received several titles and made it to several “Top DJ” lists, for instance, he was at the 40th position in the “Best DJs in the World” list and 34th position in the “The Best Singers Who Only Need to Go by One Name” list.

8. Aphex Twin:

Richard David James is a British music composer who goes by the stage name “Aphex Twin”. He specializes in several genres like Dark Ambient, Techno, Acid Techno etc. He has been credited as “The Most Inventive and Influential DJ” by The Guardian. He has produced several records and has been ranked 68th in the “Best DJs in the World” list and 60th in “The Most Influential DJs of All time” list.

9. The Crystal Method:

The Crystal Method is an American music producing duo consisting of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. This duo was formed in the 1990s in Las Vegas and has since grown very famous and prominent in the music industry. The duo specializes in Techno, EDM, Alternative Dance and many other genres. They were been ranked 91 in the “Best DJs in the World” list.

10. Richie Hawtin:

Richard Richie Hawtin is a Canadian DJ and music composer who was a prominent part of the Detroit Techno scene and has since grown widely through his own label. He has been active since the early 1990s and specializes in Ambient, Detroit Techno, Techno etc. He is widely known for his events in Ibiza and for headlining events all around the globe. He was ranked 1st in the “Top Global Techno” in 2015 and has received several eminent awards and nominations.

11. Tiesto:

Tijs Michiel Verwest is a Dutch DJ and music producer who goes by his stage name “Tiesto”. Tiesto produces music in several genres like Techno, Downtempo, Electro House, Vocal-Tramp, Future House etc. He has been active in the techno industry since 1994 and some of his prominent works like “Elements of Life” and a remix version of “All of Me” by John Legend has landed him a Grammy’s nomination and award respectively. He was ranked 1st in the “Best DJs in the World” list.

12. Paul Oakenfold:

Paul Oakenfold is an English music producer and trance composer. He has been ranked 1st twice as the “No 1 DJ in the World”. He specializes in Acid house, Electronic music, Trance and Techno genres. He has been ranked 10th in “The Most Influential DJs of All Time” list. He has produced a multitude of albums and has received worldwide recognition for his contribution to the music industry.

13. Underworld:

Underworld is a British music producing group formed in 1988. The group produces music in several genres like Alternative dance, Breakbeat, Synthpop etc. and is widely recognized for its unique style of live performances. Australian public voted the group to be on the 65th spot on “Triple J’s Hottest of All time”.

14. Paul van Dyk:

Matthias Paul is a German EDM DJ who goes by the name “Paul Van Dyk”. This German music producer has placed a heavy influence on the techno music industry. He works in genres like Pop music, Electronic dance music, Techno and House music. Paul Van Dyk was ranked 14th in “The Best DJs in the World List”.

15. Carl Craig:

Carl Craig is an American EDM producer and DJ. He has been credited as one of the most influential DJs in the Detroit second wave of Techno music. He specializes in Techno music, house, and Detroit Techno. Carl Craig has been active in the music industry since 1989. He has been known for being very artful and adaptive in the music industry.

16. Jeff Mills:

Jeff Mills is an American music producer and DJ who has been active since 1980. He founded Underground Resistance and Axis Records. Jeff Mills specializes in Techno and has received global recognition for his work as a DJ. He has produced several albums all of which have recieved extended plays in his career.

17. Curt Jones:

Curt Jones is an American singer and music producer. He is known by his several names like Curan Stone, Cajmere, Gino Vittori etc. He has been producing music since 1991 and works under Techno, Minimal and House. He has developed 4 successful albums and has made it big for himself in the techno music industry.

18. Sven Väth:

Sven Väth is a German DJ and music producer who specializes in the subgenres of Techno, Ambient Techno, Trance and New Beat genre. He has been active since 1982 and has won the “DJ Award” thrice. He is referred to as “Papa Sven” by his beloved fans and has had a successful musical career for 30 years. He found his own record label company “Cocoon” and is known for influencing the underground electronic music genre.

19. Robert Hood:

Robert Hood is an American Electronic music producer who has been active since 1990. He is widely known for his contribution to the foundation of the “Underground Resistance” and he is often credited as one of the founding forces of Minimal Techno. He has produced a multitude of music pieces under his own name and many with different associations like “H & M” with Jeff Mills.

20. Chris Liebing:

Chris Liebing is a German DJ and music producer who has been active since the 1990s. He is the founder of his own label company “Audio” and he has collaborated with many artists and labels. He specializes in Techno, Minimal Techno, and Tech-House. He has even launched his own podcast which goes by the name “CLR”.

Chris Liebing repeatedly tours around the globe and makes appearances in some of the most influential music festivals and clubs around the world. Space, Ibiza, and Time Warp just to name a few.

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