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Massively improve your Techno Outfits with these T Shirts

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The options are limitless when it comes to picking a techno outfit - whether its at a club, music festival, or rave. For first timers where this may be your first techno event, we'll start off by saying that you should know that the techno music scene is very accepting. It is a culture where all those cool humans dancing to the music around you at these parties really just want to see you be yourself. The real you.

Whether that means showing a lot of skin to express yourself or covering yourself up for a fashion statement. You do you. Anything goes. We've seen people wear swimwear to casual going out clothes all the way to a button down and pants. Yeah, quite the range of attire. There is one rule to follow when going to a techno event though, and this is a trend that people going to techno parties identify with, and that is wearing the color black.

We at Subculture Zero like to take the opportunity at techno parties to wear clothes that expresses our love for the music genre itself. We aren't there to impress anyone, but just to have a good time, and we believe that funny text and designs on t shirts give you the opportunity to express how you feel about the music without having to say so. These shirts make a statement to those around you.

Here are our favorite techno shirts.

  1. No Techno No Party

no techno no party t shirt

"No Techno No Party" defines techno scene party culture. Within electronic music, techno is by far one of the more underground sub-genres. The world is exposed to trendy social media posts that go viral from music festivals showing pop EDM mainstages exploding with fireworks and colorful confetti. You won't see that at a techno stage. We do it differently. Our sounds are darker and deeper, and less melodic, so fireworks and confetti don't fit it. But don't get us wrong, we'll still make sure to and dance like mainstream EDM. The techno crowd knows their into some unpopular stuff, and that's what makes them have more fun. They can expereince the joy and happiness this genre gives to people that others cant. We know that most people won't enjoy going to the techno stage and that's what we love about it. Available for sale on our store. 

2. Play Techno At My Funeral

"Play Techno At My Funeral" This one gives us a laugh. Hopefully no one actually plays techno at a funeral, but the sheer irony of this shirt makes it a conversation starter at any techno event. For anyone wearing this shirt you probably  love techno music so much, that it's one of the most important things to you in your life. Right on. 

3. Te Amo Techno

"Te Amo Techno" Lol. If you ever see your girlfriend or boyfriend wearing this shirt. I'd watch out. They probably like techno more than they do you. But again, we techno lovers totally get it. This shirt shows to anyone wearing this that their love for techno is real. 

4. They Call It Noise We Call It Techno

"They Call It Noise We Call It Techno" Unfortunately there are too many people out there who can't appreciate techno music. They say that the repetitive blips of sound frequencies just sounds like just noise. But we call it techno. A perfect addition to your techno outfit.

5. Talk Techno To Me

"Talk Techno To Me" Wearing this shirt at a rave makes you look edgy. Looking to find a special someone at the techno part to dance with? Wear this and your set. 

6. I'm Just Here For The Techno

"I'm Just Here For The Techno" is one of my favorite t shirts to wear to an EDM festival. For some context, when you go to a big EDM event, a lot of people aren't specifically there for the techno music. Generally you'll get a lot of people who will swarm only to the mainstage for mainstream EDM artists, or they are just there to get drunk and dance with some randos. People will claim they love techno music at a rave, but in reality they can't actually name a real techno artist off the top of their head who produces this type of music. We have no problem with these people, but wow! What a great feeling it is to know that your one of the selected few people lucky enough to be at the party because you know you're going to have a great night listening to pure techno music. Your proud to admit the booze and girls in booty shorts is second to techno you cool human.

And there you have it! 6 perfect additions to your techno outfits!


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